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Hugo looks like Jude Law on Fantastic Beast (Aulbus Dumbledore) and I'm loving the vibe already 


he looks like a dad :/ 


and ?


my bad, wasn't aware people had a fetish for Freud


Mature men like your dad aren't fetishes but real people, you're playing too much games :/


I'm saying the character looks like Freud.


I really enjoyed this demo!  It has a great energy and style about it, and I think the time period and language has been honoured quite well.  I'm really looking forward to the full release!


Hey Ing! Played your demo for OS&S over the weekend, and Gryph was right in that it was very short...but sweet.

I also didn't want it to end (so quickly). Hugo kinda reminds me of the oblivious MC, whose inner musings don't match their actions or what the reader already has gleaned of their wants/desires. For example, we read Hugo express internally that he is shocked that his date is a "Mr." and not a "Ms.", but he stays (he says) to be polite and he's intrigued. When really we all know he's attracted.

The difference being, Hugo is farrr more likable than those typical oblivious MC's! <3 So we give him a pass on his inner dialogue, since he's written so genuinely and does sincerely not seem to understand his own musings (even if we the audience do).

Oh and not to be left last (on purpose), but the visuals are <3 <3 <3. So consistent. So refined and thought out. Wonderful.


Wonderfully detailed visuals. It was quite enjoyable looking at the characters and seeing bits of my own facial anatomy in them, particularly in Mr Hammond. Good luck on the full development of the title--you have my support!

As always Ing, your artwork is gorgeous! And I'm glad to finally get to know more about your character's personalities, and I got to say I love both of them!! Hugo is adorable, and Seamus is a mystery so far... But I am interested in learning more about him and his motivations! Super excited for the full game!


I really enjoyed this demo! The artwork is beautifully detailed, the writing is superb (I found Hugo's introverted nature relatable and his indecision immediately endearing). The ending left me hooked and I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of this visual novel. Wonderful work!

It rare to see this visual style with such well done work. But I think it would look better if you remove whatever-behind-Hugo?

The game kinda interesting but too short. I'll waiting for the extended demo.

Keep up the good work!