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The Of Sense and Soul April 2022 Prototype is now available only to patrons.

We're proud to present our very first prototype for the new and improved Of Sense and Soul!  

As we work towards creating our Extended Demo to be released later this year, these prototypes will be posted every so often to show what we've been working on.

This is the first build we're putting out since our 2020 demo, so it's a bit of a special one! So in addition to making it available for all Patrons, it is now available to play here on itch for a limited time.

This prototype will be available publicly until Midnight AoE on May 1st, 2022.

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Share them at our Prototype Feedback Form or in the discussion board below.

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Of Sense and Soul is a story lost to time, centred on two men navigating the smog-covered streets of Victorian London: Hugo Brooks, an editorialist who never adventures far outside the written word, and Seamus Charkham, a confirmed bachelor who is determined to gulp life down right to the last drop.

Both are set in their ways, and both are in desperate need of a change, though loath to admit it. Despite wanting to believe they’re satisfied with continuing on as they have been, they find that sometimes, things can change for the better — and that the marks we leave on the lives of those around us are so much greater than we realise.


Of Sense and Soul is a late-Victorian M/M slice of life romance visual novel and the first game by Forsythia Productions.  It will be available for PC, Windows, and Linux.

This game is made using the Ren'py Visual Novel Engine.

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The April prototype takes roughly 10 minutes to play and features:

  • A first look at Seamus' Route as MC
  • 4 WIP sprites for Hugo, Seamus, and two new characters
  • 3 WIP backgrounds: Seamus' Study, a London street, and The Opal Gentleman's Club!
  • 3 new music tracks: the Of Sense and Soul main theme and two intermission jingles.
  • An updated excerpt of Hugo's route.

Facts & Questions

When will the Extended Demo be available?

The Extended Demo is planned for release by the end of 2022.

How can I support the development of OSAS?

Following us on our socials and joining us on Discord does wonders in helping us know you like our work! 

If you'd like to contribute more directly, the Forsythia Productions Patreon is the best place to aid in the funding of development! The will be more prototypes like these, as well as behind-the-scenes content to come.

Alternatively, one-time donations can be made to

What's a Prototype?

For Of Sense and Soul, a prototype is an early version of the in-progress game, showing the new work that has been put into the game. Assets included in prototypes is not considered final, and are not reflective of final game's contents.

Will OSAS include 18+/NSFW content?

Of Sense and Soul will be rated 13+, with no graphic themes or imagery to be included.

How are you approaching the Victorian setting and potentially sensitive themes?

To tell Hugo and Seamus' story in an 1875 London setting, much effort has been put into creating a historically believable world, cast, and story. 

In addition to achieving the "feel" of the era through visuals, research for this story has been largely focused on the context within which each character's lives take place, and the settings in and mediums through which their interactions progress. 

The Victorian era does come with its issues and questionable attitudes from a modern perspective—but we don't think a happy, queer Victorian romance needs to focus on them. 

For more information on our approach, see our old research logs which detail some of our thinking!


Direction and Art by ingthing

Story by akaparalian

Soundtrack by Lumengarden (TwitterSoundcloud)

Intermission Jingle by Bell Kalengar (Instagram, Youtube)

This prototype contains only a part of the contributions made by our past and present team members! See the 2020 Of Sense and Soul Demo page for previous and additional credits.

Development log